Founded in 1871 by John, Robert and Samuel Turner, the business began by weaving a type of lubricated cotton to create specialist packing rings in the corner of their father’s cotton mill in Rochdale.

In around 1879 Samuel Turner was approached by London businessman, John Bell. He had acquired a sample of chrysotile asbestos from Canada and asked Turner if he could supply Bell Company with a woven form of the material. The men shook hands, second-hand cotton textile machinery was purchased and adapted, and the mill commenced the revolutionary process of weaving asbestos.

Whilst today the devastating health effects of asbestos exposure are widely understood, in 1879 it was considered to be a life saver, providing crucial protection from fire and heat. The Turner Brothers Asbestos Company (TBA) was one of the first businesses in the UK to weave asbestos using industrial methods. They were entrepreneurs, innovators and philanthropists, paying their workers the highest rate of pay for the Victorian era.

It is this ambitious spirit which ultimately drove us to not only provide an alternative solution to asbestos, but to develop altogether better solutions. In 1995 TBA became the first company to bring a flexible fire barrier for compartmentation purposes to the market, with the FIREFLY™ range.

Since then, TBA has continued to build upon its global reputation for technical excellence through our high quality of service, expanding product ranges and innovative research and development (R&D) programmes.

In the UK, 2012 brought a full factory move to more modern premises at the Transpennine Trading Estate in Rochdale, ideally located for access to the motorway network.

TBA FIREFLY LOGOIn 2016, the company rebranded as TBA Protective Technologies, a name chosen to represent our numerous developments as a company and our tireless dedication to developing technically superior products to revolutionise the industry.

Bought by the owner of the Fothergill group of companies in 2017, TBA Protective Technologies is moving forward with continued growth in existing and new markets.