Our People

FIREFLY™ has an excellent reputation for its dedication to the welfare and development of every member of staff in all divisions and levels of the company. We ensure that we consistently provide a safe, productive workplace that both reflects and facilitates the high quality of our work.

We openly recognise and nurture the skills of our staff through various training and opportunities to firstly help them grow in the roles that they are in, and then to progress to where they want to be in the future. For this investment, we have been rewarded with a strong team of highly skilled workers throughout the company in all departments.

Many of our staff members have long service records, resulting in an accumulation of knowledge and experience which has helped to develop the fervent culture of learning and innovation first established by the pioneering company founders, the Turner Brothers, in 1871.

Whether it is new legislation and technology, or opportunities for further training, we are always ready to embrace the new and innovative. We as a team, look forward to supporting and developing the future of the textile industry.