Firefly™ Athena 60:60

Firefly Athena

FIREFLY™ ATHENA 60:60 is a lightweight, flexible fire barrier, fully certified 60 minutes on timber.

FIREFLY™ ATHENA 60:60 is designed to be installed as a two-layer fire barrier system, certified for use on timber to provide compartmentation of larger spaces. Exceeds the Fire Barrier requirements of Building Regulations: Approved Document B (Fire Safety) with 60 minutes Integrity and 60 minutes Insulation.

  • 60 minutes Integrity, 60 minutes Insulation from both sides
  • IFC Certified for use on timber - BS476 Parts 20 & 22
  • Lightweight, flexible and easy to handle and cut
  • Installer-friendly product with installation savings of 30% compared to a triple layer system
  • Ideal for lofts and roof voids with restricted access and space
  • Works with FIREFLY™ PENOWRAP for a perfect barrier solution on timber
  • Utilises standard fixings, angles and high temperature adhesives approved for all FIREFLY™ barriers

FIREFLY™ ATHENA 60:60 is particularly suited for use as a certified fire barrier system on timber. Its unique construction and ease of handling and installation make it perfect for areas involving timber and restricted access / working space such as lofts and roof voids in Social Housing, Care Homes and Student Accommodation.

Manufactured using layers of woven and non woven glass fibre, specially treated with a proprietary coating to greatly increase fire resistance, and aluminium foil. The product is designed to be installed as a 2-layer system either side of timber, utilising other FIREFLY™ products including PENOWRAP and High Temperature Adhesive and stainless steel staples.


DESCRIPTION  Lightweight, flexible Fire Barrier - combined Insulation and Integrity
CERTIFICATION  Third Party Certified by IFCC. Certificate number: IFCC 1578
APPLICATION  Vertical - 2 layer system 60:60 from both sides

Description: Non-toxic / user friendly / flexible / durable.
Easy to manipulate and cut to shape

Colour: White

Coating: A chemical treatment to optimise thermal properties and help prevent fibre migration

Minimum Thickness: 10mm


Exceeds 60 minutes integrity with 60 minutes insulation when tested to BS 476 parts 20/22: 1987

CLASSIFICATIONS Tested to BS476 parts 6 and 7 - Pass (propagation and surface spread of flame)
Roll Length: 6 linear metres
Roll Area: 7.62 square metres
Packed: Concertinaed and individually wrapped in polythene
Minimum Weight: 2.4kg/m2

All FIREFLY™ products must be installed in compliance with the FIREFLY™ Installation Guide, which is provided upon request. Deviation from these drawings should not be carried out without written authority from the FIREFLY™ Technical Department.

All figures quoted are nominal, believed to be true at the time of printing and are presented without guarantee. It is up to the user to determine the suitability of use.


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