CPD Questionnaire

CPD Questionnaire

Question 1
What does a Fire Barriers Integrity refer to?

Question 2
What does PFP stand for?

Question 3
What is the minimum Integrity required according to current Building Regulations

Question 4
What is the minimum insulation requirement when it is needed?

Question 5
How often should Barriers/Compartmentation be in place?

Question 6
When penetrations are necessary what is the requirement for their management?

Question 7
When jointing the barriers what is important with regard to the stapling?

Question 8
What is the primary objective of Document B Building Regulations relating to fire?

Question 9
What is the requirement with regard to the Barrier and the retaining 25 x 25 angle?

Question 10
Which is the correct list of Firefly™ components that are required to correctly detail joints and penetrations?

Question 11
Who certifies Firefly's barriers from a manufacturing and testing point of view?

Question 12
How should a Barrier by Certified by application?

Question 13
Name one of the Contractor certifying bodies?

Question 14
What Standard should the products by tested to?

Question 15
What is it advisable to do with regard to Certification?